Apr 18

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Ranga Pen

Ebonite Pen

This a handmade pen that I’ve just taken delivery of and has an eye dropper filling system . It came in very interesting packaging….in fact it is a very interesting pen!!! More to follow

Ebonite Pen

Ranga Pen






Basics….Hand turned from hard rubber, also known as Ebononite and in the past as Vulcanite.

Length 148mm closed, 175mm posted, barrel diameter 14.5mm, weight, 30gms empty.

Hand Made Pen

I was really looking forward to receiving the pen, I guess the attraction being that it’s hand turned from Ebonite, with an eydropper filling system which I rather like. The only Indian pens in my collection are half a dozen various versions from Noodlers so I was intrigued to discover what they would be like. Freight was free as well!

Ranga Ebonite Pen

The package

The packaging was great, a hand stitched bag white bag and insides a rather gaudy red plush box, about ten sizes too big….

Inside looking a bit lonely was THE PEN, along with the spare nib, feed and eye dropper filler. The pen was offered for sale with a fine nib, but I specifically asked for a medium point so finished up with both.

The machining on the barrel, cap and section seems quite good, so no problems there, however first glance of the nib didin’t look very promising as it is rather crudely finished.  Maybe the quality clip also doesn’t look too good either, but perhaps I’m being picky.. Neither do the colours of the pen don’t look anywhere near as good in the flesh as they appeared on the net, but I can’t blame any other than myself for that though, it’s a common problem.

Duly filled the pen using the eyedropper, with Diamine Pumpkin, a bright cheerful ink that I somehow thought would suit the pen….

Ebonite Pen

Hand Made Pen

All went well for about 20 minutes and then wham, the nib flooded, leaving lots of Pumpkin blobs on my Rhodia pad. Adjusting the position of the feed in relation to the nib seemed to stop the flooding but then it was writing dry, so I eased the tines apart  by a minute amount only to find that the flooding returned…

Overnight I found the pen leaked at the joint between the section and the barrel, but that was cured by a bit of silicone grease and all seems to be well on that score for the moment.

Several emails to Ranga Pens were answered by Kandan, who was certainly trying to be helpful and basically advised me to try the spare feed to prevent the flooding.. At the moment I’m not sure if I’m using the feed from the fine nib or the medium one as they aren’t marked…..so fingers crossed. The feeds look to be a fairly rudimentary affair. Actually, the pen might be ok if it had a decent feed and nib, that’s all…..

At the moment, the pen does appear to be working ok.

Handmade Pen

Ranga Nib

I’ll give it a few more days to see how things go before finishing the is review, but it hasn’t been a particularly auspicious start and so far I’m not impressed.

I seem to have improved the pen by using a Sheaffer Lifetime nib and feed and it’s currently working well with a filling of Private Reserve Ebony Green.

By the way, I’ve read that some users have found this ink to feather on cheap paper but I’ve found no evidence of that so far…..and of course  it’s good on Rhodia.

UPDATE 24 September 2013

I was still having problems,  the pen with the Sheaffer nib still tended to blob and dribble, so I’ve put a Nemosine Singularity nib into it, and touch wood, it’s writing well with no problems so far……….


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